Modern Calligraphy Kit

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Learn how to create modern calligraphy with this all-in-one set for beginners by Faber-Castell. This complete art and craft for adults provides the tools and instructions needed to enable the novice to be successful in creative calligraphy lettering. Complete lettering set includes: 3 premium quality black Pitt Artist Pens (Brush, Bullet and Soft Brush nibs), 4 (10 ml) tubes of Watercolor wash paint (Red Violet, Yellow Gold, Emerald Green and Cobalt Blue), graphite Pencil, Envelope and curves template, ruler, practice pad, mini water brush and instruction booklet. The included illustrated design guide is written for the beginner and outlines the foundational skills needed to learn This wonderful Style of lettering and writing. This 14 piece set also includes special access to 10 separate online technique and instruction videos created by professional calligraphers to help you learn calligraphy basics! Put your newly learned calligraphy skills to work as you create your own wrapping paper, envelopes, letters and watercolor quote and inspirational art. Everything you need to learn and create your own handmade gifts and paper craft decor is included. Learn a new art technique with the very best quality art materials by Faber-Castell. Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens are a favorite by calligraphers and artists alike as they are archival, waterproof, permanent, acid-free, lightfast and odorless. India ink will not bleed through paper and allows images in most colors to last in excess of 25 years! Since 1761, Faber-Castell has produced the highest quality art materials. See your artwork come to live with highly pigmented India ink Pitt pens and quality watercolor paint and supplies.