Metallic Colored EcoPencils 10ct

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Metallic colored pencils come pre-sharpened in 10 vibrant colors. Pigment packed, these art supplies for kids have a smooth, vibrant color laydown with a satisfying shimmering effect. Recommended by art educators for quality and durability.

· 10 Vibrant Metallic Colors
· Non-Toxic & Safety Tested
· Eco Friendly - FSC Certified
· Break-Resistant & Long-Lasting
· Outstanding Effects on Colored Paper

Kids Can Add Sparkle and Shimmer to Their Artwork!
Metallic colored pencils are specially formulated with vibrant pigments for seamless blending and smooth color application. Durable leads will not fall out and do not flake during drawing and coloring sessions. Metallic colors show up vividly on all paper colors with exceptional results on black paper.

The best colored pencils for infusing any art project with metallic brilliance. Ideal for coloring books, school projects, greeting cards and beyond! Achieve stunning highlights in your artwork by layering the silver pencil over areas.

The eco pencils are crafted with wood sourced from certified sustainable forestry, ensuring they are environmentally friendly for FSC certification.

The pre-sharpened pencils are hexagonal and colored barrels match the lead for easy identification while working between colors. They feature break-resistant leads created through secure-all bonding; gluing the lead along the entire length of the pencil. This process allows for easy sharpening, excellent point retention and ultimately, longer-lasting art supplies!

Exploring artistic possibilities with metallic colored pencils introduces kids to a realm of imagination and creativity, enhancing their artistic expression with dazzling effects on paper.

Art Gifts for Kids:
Spark creativity and indulge in shimmery coloring fun! These metallic pencils are the perfect gift for kids and anyone who enjoys drawing and coloring. Elevate their coloring experience with vibrant hues and a touch of shimmer.

Art supplies for kids are great for any occasion such as adding to Easter baskets, unique Christmas gifts, stocking stuffers, birthday gifts and much more!

Avoid temperatures above 115ºF and store in a ventilated, dry place.

Ages: 5+

Contents Include: 10 Metallic Colored Pencils Red, Bronze, Gold, Silver, Mint Green, Green, Turquoise, Blue, Pink and Plum in a cardboard box