Swirls | Large Kit with 50 Wishes + accessories

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FLYING WISH PAPER * Wishing activity kits to celebrate, empower and inspire. Write your wish on the special paper, light it on fire and watch as it flies to the heavens. Sounds magical, and it is! Such a special way to manifest a dream and send your desires into the universe. These wishing kits have been enchanting customers since 2008. SWIRLS Design * A gorgeous black and white design design with a splashy hit of gold! Look closely to see the dragonflies, a symbol of good luck. SWIRLS is so easy to display at Holiday - marry it with other glittering metallics and it's a sure add on to your customer's gift list. Also great any time of year... All wishing kits are recommended as INDOOR PRODUCTS. WRITE IT, LIGHT IT, WATCH IT FLY!