One-Year Art Journal

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Unleash your inner artist with a year's worth of creative inspiration

Art journaling isn't about achieving perfection but about taking time every day to create something that comes from your heart. The 
One-Year Art Journal is filled with 365 fun and inspiring prompts that help you relieve stress, gain self-awareness, and express your creativity in new ways—no matter your skill level.

  • Engaging exercises—Explore your artistic side with prompts for doodling, coloring, drawing, writing, and other forms of creative expression.
  • No special tools necessary—Most of these prompts require pencil, pen, crayons, or very occasionally paint, but you can use other mediums if you don't have those on hand or feel inspired to try something new.
  • A focus on mindfulness—Discover how enjoying the creative process can help you relax instead of stress over the outcome.

Unwind and improve your artistic skills with help from this soothing guided journal.