Museum Theme Escape Room Game for Kids

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Host Your Own Escape Room Game Museum Edition by Talking Tables.

This immersive game experience is perfect for the whole family. Set in a museum, the guard tells you about a secret exit and the legend of creatures coming to life at night. With clues hidden within the exhibits, can you solve the mystery and find the exit before it’s too late?

Designed with a difficulty level suitable for children aged 9+, this escape room game is perfect for a family games night or kids birthday party. A smart phone, tablet or watch and internet access is required for the interactive elements of this game.

Contents includes: An Instruction booklet, 18x Game Puzzles, 7x Pages of Props, 8x Tracing Paper Sheets, 1x Cipher, 1x Notepad, 1x Interactive Ending and 1x Photobooth Frame

Recommended for age 9+ and 2-6 players.