Magritte's Game of the Goose

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This is a Goose Game The geese go on a journey into the fascinating world of René Magritte. After passing through a mysterious half-open door, they discover the paintings of the great surrealist artist. Cloudy skies in the shape of a bird, a giraffe in a glass, a masked green apple, an enigmatic man in a bowler hat... Here, the most ordinary objects become extraordinary! By provoking surprise and curiosity, Magritte teaches us how to see our world differently. "Ceci est un jeu de l'oie" is an adaptation of the traditional game of the goose that invites us to an unusual journey into the captivating universe of René Magritte. Who will be the first to arrive on square 63? Ready for the adventure? Let the surrealist journey begin! Description Contents: 1 game board: 47 x 47 cm 4 Magritte goose pieces! 2 wooden dice (Cardboard and paper from sustainably managed forests - 100% recyclable) © Succession René Magritte - Sabam, Belgium 2022 Edition: collaboration Mon Petit Art & Les