Leonardo da Vinci Mona Lisa Ceramic Ornament: Oval

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⭐️ Product Details: ✔︎Made & shipped from New Jersey, USA ✔︎FREE golden string & velvet pouch with every ornament ✔︎Approx. 3 in in length 💌 Looking for a price sheet? Want to inquire about customized designs? Email us!💙 mona lisa, da vinci, famous painting, ceramic ornament, christmas decoration, souvenir, renaissance art, masterpiece, italian artist, art history, iconic portrait, enigmatic smile, art appreciation, museum replica, cultural heritage, classic artwork, historical figure, artistic expression, creative genius, artistic legacy, renaissance genius, portrait painting, famous smile, art collector, art lover, art enthusiast, art education, fine art, timeless beauty, art gallery, iconic masterpiece, artistic masterpiece, artistic icon, art world, aesthetic, art influence, art innovation, artistic vision, renaissance master, cultural significance, art interpretation, art critique, artistic achievement, artistic innovation, artistic mastery, art symbolism, artistic fascination