Land Art

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Temporary natural arrangements have captivated people across the world. Readers will learn how a professional artist creates these outdoor installations and get inspired to create their own with a detailed look at the outdoor world of artist James Brunt. Brunt makes art that works with the environment while not changing it or having a permanent impact on the world in which he creates. Whether on a beach or in the woods, playing and creating can lead to a sense of calm and connection to nature. With a collection of new and previously unseen works, Brunt combines imagery and words to share how harnessing the power of nature helps us stay connected and grounded in an increasingly fast-paced world. His "Invitations to Play" ask readers to take some time out, go outside, immerse yourself in natural surroundings, and explore their own creative interactions, using natural materials like stones, leaves, wood, and more in the environment in which they're found. James Brunt | 128pp | SC