Explore SOUTH KOREA food & cultural experiential cooking kit

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eat2explore is an award-winning food & culture experience-in-a-box COOKING KIT designed to bring CULTURAL EDUCATION alive through the exploration of WORLD CUISINES for families. We provide the hard-to-find, shelf-stable ingredients with both cooking and educational tools so families may explore world cuisine and cultures, while cultivating sustainable, healthy eating habits and tangible cooking skills. This explore SOUTH KOREA box includes: - 3 recipes: 1) Dak Bulgogi, 2) Kimbap, 3) Bindaetteok - essential & non-perishable SPICE /SAUCE MIXES - shopping list for fresh ingredients - Explorer booklet (to learn geography, history, language, music, art) - sushi mat cooking tool - eat2explore passport - a flag pin and a sticker We want families 1) to share a COOKING EXPERIENCE as a family and teach kids to be culturally aware through food, and 2) enhance TASTE BUDS with food from around the world and teach healthy eating through cooking.