Yayoi Kusama: Give Me Love

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By: Akira Tatehata (author), Yayoi Kusama (artist)

Yayoi Kusama: Give Me Love documents the artist’s most recent exhibition at David Zwirner gallery, New York, which marked the US debut of The Obliteration Room, an all-white, interior that viewers were invited to cover with dot stickers of various sizes and colors. Taking The Obliteration Room as its centerpiece, this catalogue reveals, in vivid large-scale plates, the transformation of the space from a clean white interior to a stunningly saturated room, with ceilings, walls, and furniture covered in multicolored stickers placed by viewers over the course of the exhibition. The catalogue also includes Kusama’s recent large-format paintings from the My Eternal Soul series and a selection of new, large pumpkin sculptures made of shiny stainless steel and featuring painted dots or dot-shaped perforations. Texts include “Hymn to Yayoi Kusama” by art critic and poet Akira Tatehata and a poem by the artist herself.

120 pages

Published 2016