Wenchang Tower - DIY 3D Metal Kit

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Wenchang Tower is a sacred pagoda in people’s mind. Historically, where Wenchang Tower was built, there were often excellent students who can get the gold list titles in examinations, so people believed that it could gather aura and bless for good results. Piececool Wenchang Tower is a mascot that promotes studies, fame and career. Putting it in Wenchang position will help academic progress and prosper your career. Build this highly detailed DIY metal model kit. Each kit contains photo-etched metal sheets containing the incredibly detailed parts. Every kit comes with comprehensive step-by-step instructions. You do not need glue, solder or paint to complete. Simply bend the material, insert the tabs and bend to secure. Product Material - Brass and Stainless Steel, Multi-color Number of Sheets - 3.5 Number of Pieces - 672 Assembled Size - 2.2" x 1.9" x 8” Matching Acrylic Display Box - HZ-17 Recommended Tool Set - T-PZTZ05 Beginner Tool Set (pliers, clippers)