Transformations in Cleveland Art, 1796-1946

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By William H. Robinson and David Steinberg

Essays by Mark Cole, Henry Hawley, Geraldine W. Kiefer and Sabine Kretzschmar

Transformations in Cleveland Art explores the intersection of art and events in a disorienting period of extraordinary change that transformed Cleveland from a canal village into a major industrial city. The authors reconstruct Cleveland’s artistic life from its origins to the mid-twentieth century, examining how Cleveland artists interpreted themselves and their city, expressed the hopes and aspirations of their fellow citizens, and responded to rapid urbanization and industrialization. Particular attention is given to ways that Cleveland artists confronted the demands of the modern age while struggling to secure a niche in the economy of a city in the process of inventing itself. At the same time, the authors consider whether Cleveland art converges or diverges from national culture, challenging long-held assumptions about regional art production in America.

304 pages

Published in 1996