The Middle Ages in 50 Objects

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By Elina Gertsman and Barbara H. Rosenwein

The extraordinary array of images included in this volume reveals the full and rich history of the Middle Ages. Exploring objects from the European, Byzantine, and Islamic worlds, the book casts a new light on the cultures that formed them, with each culture illuminated by its treasures. The objects are divided among four topics: The Holy and the Faithful, The Sinful and the Spectral, Daily Life and Its Fictions, and Death and Its Aftermath. Each section is organized chronologically, and every image is accompanied by a penetrating essay that focuses on the object’s visual and cultural significance within the wider context in which it was made and used. Spot maps add yet another way to visualize and consider these treasures and the hidden stories that they reveal. Lavishly illustrated, this is an appealing and original guide to the cultural history of the Middle Ages.

Published 2018