The Little Leonardo da Vinci

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by Catherine de Duve 

Leonardo da Vinci is a Renaissance genius. He crosses the Alps on a mule, with the Mona Lisa in his luggage...who is this mysterious Mona Lisa? Leonardo is a painter, engineer, and architect and an inventor of incredible machines: flying machines, tanks, and cannons; he is a friend of the King of France and organizes sumptuous parties for him. Take a look at Leonardo's workshop and visit his final home, the lovely Clos Luce Castle. Happy Museum! is a series of short, interactive books for juniors from 4 to 14 years of age. Its purpose is to spread the enjoyment of art and to inspire, turning family trips to the museum or art gallery into a fun experience through creative, educational, and, most importantly, enjoyable interactive activities. Games, drawings, tips, and thoughts bring the colorful 32 pages, richly illustrated books to life. With reading levels to suit all ages, young and old can discover new work and will be captivated as they explore the lives and masterpieces of the greatest artists in the world.

32 pages

Published 2018