The Garden of Monsieur Monet

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By Pia Valentinis, Illustrated by Giancarlo Ascari

Claude Monet (1840–1926) was the famous French painter who created a grand and beautiful garden in Giverny, France, filling it with irises, poppies, roses, and, of course, water lilies, which he celebrated in his vast and glorious paintings. This new view of Monet and his garden will delight children and gently teach them about his art.

The book tells how the Impressionist artist arrived at his garden; about the bright Japanese prints he collected that inspired him; about his famous visitors; how he painted outdoors in all weather; and about his gardeners, who had to leave Giverny to go to war. Spread by spread, the garden is explained and built up in Ascari’s and Valentinis’s original illustrations that take Monet’s work as their starting point and reimagine it in stunning and unusual ways.

32 pages

Published 2015