The Flat Head Limited Edition T-Shirt

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Artwork by Miwa Komatsu

Shinto and Komainu

Miwa Komatsu was born in 1984 and grew up in the mountainous regions of Nagano, Japan. It is her unique experience with nature that has helped both to inform her particular artistic perspective and to create a style that is dynamic, spiritual, and ritualistic. Her works appear in such collections as the British Museum (London), the World Trade Center (New York), and Izumo Taisha (Shimane, Japan).


The Flat Head is a Japanese clothing label known for its raw selvedge denim and meticulously craft Americana-casual clothing. Led by founder and creative director Kobayashi-San, the brand produces clothing of unparalleled character by utilizing the finest materials, time-tested traditional methods, and modern techniques, all under the demands of strict quality control. In doing so, the Flat Head hopes that all of its products are worn hard and cherished for many years to come.