Recycled Art

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Emily Kington

It’s amazing what you can do with some glue, a bit of paint and some trash!
Recycling unwanted things is great fun and it’s not going to cost you very much at all… as all of the main ingredients in these projects were heading for the garbage! So, don’t throw away your left -over boxes, egg cartons, paper rolls, paper plates and cups as there are some awesome projects here for you to make. Turn your trash into…

  • a cute penguin island from old egg boxes
  • a smart dinosaur from paper plates
  • a giraffe and a zebra from paper rolls
  • a monster eating money box from a tissue box
  • … and there is much more.

Simple projects with clear step-by-step instructions and photography explain and show how to make each one. This is all about having fun whilst re-cycling old items that can be easily found at home and school. Here are lots of projects that all kids will love to do that won’t break the bank!

96 pages

Published May 2020