QBRIX – Turn Cell Phone Pics & Selfies into Art (Poster)

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The QBRIX constructor is a modern-day novelty. This unique photo constructor allows you to assemble a picture in pixel art format from any photo an infinite number of times. The assembly process is exciting. It is especially interesting and fun to assemble QBRIX as a couple or family. Each set includes 3500 bricks, 1 base plate, 1 mounting tool, 1 photo Frame, 1 unique Code, and instructions to upload a photo and receive the build layout map straight to your phone. The constructor can be disassembled and reassembled with new photos as many times as you want. The box can serve as a photo frame and can be mounted on a wall. A picture from the QBRIX constructor will look luxurious and relevant in any interior. wall art family portrait photo constructor set builder puzzle digital picture frame living room kids' decoration cell phone accessory pictures selfies decor tapestry hanging decoration decal home office kitchen sticker painting digital art kit teenager adult women men family project