Natural Histories

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by Barbara Bosworth (Photographer)

Over the last 20 years, renowned Boston artist Barbara Bosworth (born 1953) has taken photographs of her family in and around her childhood home in Novelty, Ohio, and at other locations of significance to her family. Natural Histories takes us on a meandering journey through the forests and streams of Bosworth’s past in the Chagrin River Valley, as she retraces her youthful walks to reengage the sense of wonder at the landscape her father first instilled in her. These lush black-and-white photographs reveal a place Bosworth knows well: a place in which to dig up arrowheads, pluck clusters of blackberries, catch fireflies and savor the textures of nature. Featuring the youngest as well as the oldest members of Bosworth’s family, these touching images explore the joy of youth and the wistfulness of aging, memory and the passage of time.

108 pages

Published 2013