Minotauromachy by Pablo Picasso | Print

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Pablo Picasso (Spanish, 1881-1973)

This etching is both chaotic and symbolic, as Picasso depicts several narratives within a small space. The protagonists of the scene include a youthful girl who holds a candle and flowers and a mythological creature, the Minotaur. The girl and minotaur appear to confront each other, but between them lies a nude female bullfighter who has been hurt. The bullfighter is atop a wounded, and angry horse, as a man climbs a ladder while peering back at the fight from the left edge of the work. At the top of the etching, two girls with doves take in the scene from a window. The turmoil represented through Minotauromachy is said to be a metaphor for the disruptive nature of Picasso’s life at the time.

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