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by Ettore Camesasca, Susan M. Lister (Translator) 

Andrea Mantegna was born in 1430-1, probably at Isola di Carturo, near Piazzola between Vicenza and Padua. He was the son of a carpenter, but was adopted, when he was ten years old, by Francesco Squarcione who started him off on his artistic career. One of Mantegna's early works is on the fresco decoration of the Ovetari chapel in the Eremitani church in Padua, where he painted three figures of saints - Peter, Paul and Christopher. Mantegna follows the life and works of this painter, with his frescoes and paintings reproduced in full color. This book explores Mantegna's work, during his periods in Padua, Mantua and Rome, including the Camera degli Sposi and the Triumph of Caesar.

79 pages
Published 1994