Let's Celebrate!: Special Days Around the World: Hardcover

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Lyrical, sensory nonfiction text and vibrant illustrations invite readers to experience a child’s-eye view of 13 holidays around the world, such as the Spring Festival in China, Inti Raymi in Peru, Eid al-Fitr in Egypt, Día de Muertos in Mexico and the New Yam Festival in Nigeria. Includes pronunciation guides, a global festival calendar and educational notes about why we celebrate. Related to: festivals, multicultural, Montessori, nonfiction, religion, geography, global, family, foods, traditions, social studies, Japan, New Zealand, Brazil, Sweden, Iran, Africa, Russia, Muslim, Ramadan, Islam, Mexican, India, Indian, Diwali, Kodomo no Hi, Matariki, Carnival, Passover, Jewish, Novy God