Illustoria 16: Music

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Illustoria’s #16: Music is our loudest issue yet! Find something that moves you in this issue all about music: musical costumes, instruments, inventions and poems about underwater bands of rockin’ jellyfish. Our guest curator Shawn Harris collaborates with writer Colin Meloy to prove that everyone can be a musician with their rad how-to zine, interpreted by four different artists. Peruse instruments from around the globe. Read interviews with a music ethnologist and album cover artists. Discover divas of disco and the world’s most danceable music. Make edible disco balls with Dog Chef, and invent your own Fictophones (imaginary instruments) with our story-starter cards. Enjoy trying to answer the impossible question, “What IS the world’s most danceable music?” Gather friends to try our DIY line dance moves, and grab your closet instrument (or kitchen pot) and get ready to groove in our issue filled with rhythm and energy. Geared toward readers ages 6-12 and the young at heart.