Hello Cleveland: About the Most Unique City in the World

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Paperback. Published by Microcosm! Hello Cleveland: Things You Should Know About the Most Unique City in the World Hidden history/culture of Cleveland, OH—a city most misunderstood. Locals, visitors, & transplants gain a rounded view of the city's passionate pursuits, dark corners, dubious claims, & disarmingly friendly culture. Nick Perry grew up in Cleveland & invites you to join him—take a loving, honest look under the hood. Develop appreciation for local heroes like Devo, Bone Thugs & Harmony, Lil' John & Big Chuck. Marvel at landmarks; the Great Lakes, the Metroparks, the world's largest outdoor chandelier. There are plenty of downsides, none sugarcoated. Discover why Cleveland is the reason for the Environmental Protection Act & how it's largely to blame for widespread suburb city planning. You can still find heartful pride rooting for sports teams cursed to lose every championship. As the city's unofficial slogan says, "You've got to be tough," but there's a lot to love.