Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Glass Coaster

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Designed by Kiku Handmade

Primarily inspired by pop culture, pattern, and nature, artist Laurie Freivogel brings a love of midcentury modern and Japanese design aesthetics to her glass studio, Kiku Handmade (kiku means “chrysanthemum” in Japanese). Using fine enamels, Freivogel prints with multiple screens onto layers of glass to create depth and then adds a lustrous glass color palette to complete the composition. The ability to print an image on glass has enabled Freivogel to specialize in creating a variety of custom artworks. In each new object, Freivogel looks to strike a visual balance between the graphic printed image and the signature qualities inherent to glass—color, translucence, light, and depth—resulting in finished pieces that are as functional
as they are beautiful.

Single Coaster