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Pottery wheel for kids will allow your child to become a ceramic artist with ease! Use kid-friendly pottery wheel and natural clay to make your own pottery creations that you can paint, decorate and display!

Complete pottery wheel for kids! Comes with 3 Ibs of natural clay, quiet pottery wheel, white base coat paint, opaque acrylic paint, paint brushes and sculpting tools.

Pottery for kids! Wheel comes full assembled and has an On/Off switch for easy control for children ages 8 and up! Pottery wheel kit comes with illustrated instructions that explain how to use the pottery wheel, create a variety of different pottery, and more!

Premium natural clay is non-toxic, and kid-friendly! Clay will air dry when your project is complete for an easy finish to your project. Clay play boosts fine motor skills, develops sense of touch and encourages critical thinking and creativity.

This complete craft activity comes with instruction on how to make pinch pots, coil handles, hand sculpted clay, and pottery you create on the wheel!

Strong pottery wheel for kids! Plug the USB plug into the machine or add batteries to provide power to the premium pottery wheel. Control the wheel with On/Off switch on the machine. When using batteries choose between 2 rotation speeds to conserve energy

Kids can learn a new art skill with Faber-Castell Pottery Studio! Illustrated instructions will teach children about the history of pottery, ceramics terms and the color wheel.

Ages: 8+

Contents Include: 3 lbs of Air-dry Clay, 6 Piece Tool Set, 1 Craft Apron, 1 Table Cover, 12 Pots of Acrylic Paint, Glaze, 1 Sponge, 2 Paint Brushes, Illustrated Instructions and Ideas Booklet Foot pedal operation requires 4 C batteries - not included