Bojagi: Design and Techniques in Korean Textile Art

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by Sara Cook

Bojagi has played an important role in traditional Korean culture and has been used every day to wrap, carry, and store objects. Until the 1950s they were used to wrap or cover everything from bedding and clothes to food dishes and for religious rituals. These functional domestic items were not made as a hobby but were produced along with clothing and bedding items essential in the household. They were an integral part of daily living.
Cook explains the history and meaning of Bojagi in Korean culture, as well as the equipment and fabrics(including silk, hemp, and ramie); traditional seaming techniques and embellishments, designs, colors, and symbolism; Jagokbo, bojagi pieced from small scraps of fabric, they have been compared to modern artists such as Mondrian and Klee. Cook shows how contemporary textile artists are interpreting these ideas in their work.
Textile artists and quilters will find a range of ideas to use to inspire them.

128 pages

Published 2019