Art from the Court of Burgundy: The Patronage of Philip the Bold and John the Fearless 1364-1419

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Philip the Bold and John the Fearless were the first two Valois dukes of Burgundy, whose extreme wealth allowed them to flaunt their ability to adorn palaces and ecclesiastical buildings and commission great works of art. They were the trendsetters of their day and produced a Burgundian court style that was emulated across Europe. This book, and the exhibition it accompanied held in Dijon (May to September 2004) and Cleveland (October 2004 to January 2005), celebrates all aspects of the patronage of the Burgundian dukes. Illustrated throughout with photographs of artefacts, paintings, tapestries, sculpture, architectural elements, and buildings, the first part of the book looks at the dukes themselves and their love of art, the relationship between ruler, religion, politics, and art, as well as their great treasures and residences. The second part focuses on the Carthusian monastery known as the Chartreuse de Champnol built in the late 14th century, its origins, construction, its interior and exterior, and its influence. The third part turns to the conditions of artistic creation in Burgundy between 1360 and 1420, with contributors' drawings on examples of painting, statuary and metalwork.

368 pages

Published 2004