Church Street El Colored Pencil Tin

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The image on this Colored Pencil Tin is Charles Sheeler's Church Street El. Capturing the soaring heights of New York City, this painting is a dramatic bird's eye view of Broadway and Wall Street, showing a conglomeration of buildings at left and center, and the Church Street elevated train at right. Sheeler based his composition on an image from the short movie Manhatta (1920), which he made with the photographer Paul Strand. One of the first avant-garde American films, Manhatta celebrates the dynamic metropolis through a series of carefully composed shots of Lower Manhattan. As typical with Sheeler's work, the artist simplified forms and eliminated textures in Church Street El to concentrate on rhythmic interplays of shapes and color, as well as patterns of light and shadow. Metal tin box with 12 colored pencils.

Size: 7.16" x 4" x 0.43"