Odysseys in Art: Impressionism

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An examination of the art movement known as Impressionism from its beginnings in the 1860s to its decline in the early 1900s, including an introduction to great artists and works.

Part of the Odysseys in Art series

From Cubism to realism, art has reformed itself time and again. With full-color reproductions and engaging texts, Odysseys in Art invites advanced readers along on a journey to experience artistic movements like never before. Spanning the history of Western art, these titles feature a sophisticated design that serves as a backdrop for showcasing classic works, people, and techniques of the period. Side panels and colored glossary terms assist in making the text accessible to a wide range of learners, while a timeline adds further historical context.

Ages 13 - 18

Nonfiction, 80 pages, 2016

ISBN 978-1-60818-533-7

Made in United States