Picasso: The Man and His Work - Part 2 (1938-1973)

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Artist Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) was one of the greatest Painters, Printmakers, and Sculptors of the 20th Century, and a founder of Modern Art. This unique film, a Cannes Film Festival Selection, reveals unknown aspects of Picasso s work and personality, and contains over 600 of his paintings, sculptures and ceramics, many never before seen in public. In an unprecedented collaboration, Picasso gave filmmaker Edward Quinn unrestrained access to film him in Mougins, France, where Picasso lived and worked. Both a Biography and an Art History documentary, the film uses many flashback sequences showing the mutations and evolution of his work in progress, as we chronologically follow his works and life in parallel.

Part 2 (1938 - 1973):
Part 2 takes viewers through the war years and life on the French Riviera, as Picasso s work moves on to include fine arts such as Ceramics, Sculpture, Pottery and Print Graphics. The period from 1946 to 1973 is made up primarily of home movies, showing his relationships with his children and the women in his life, but also emphasizing the enormous amount of work accomplished by Picasso during his last 20 years. We observe Picasso, 90 years old, creating copper plate engravings as we follow the progress and evolution through the 6 different stages of the engraving.

From his romances with Francoise Gilot & others, and marriage to Jacqueline Picasso to his business with Daniel Henri Kahnweiler, this film presents an unrivaled look into Picasso s marvelous work as well as into his eventful personal life.

Edward Quinn s film is truly of great historical importance to the art world, since it not only shows Picasso in the intimacy of his home, but also at work and furthermore contains the last pictures ever taken of Picasso.

Art Gallery (over 100 images)
Picasso Biography
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Director's Biography
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Director's Production Notes
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Director's Memoirs on Picasso
English Narration
Over 30 Scene selections
Picasso Photo Gallery
Bonus Music (5 songs, 26 min)
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